The DivinityCraft Network

We are the best Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Server, Our servers are hosted on Custom Server Hosting Software that gets rid of in game stuttering or lag. We have lots of minigames to choose from, Click below to join today.


Features Of The DivinityCraft Network

DDOS Protected

Our Servers have an amazing DDOS Protection System in place to prevent DDOS attacks to our servers. Our nodes are protected with warning systems and integrated technologies to block the attacks!

Information Encryption

Any info put into our server has a 256bit encryption so you your data is so secure that we don't even see the data you put in. We have many systems in place to protect your data and privacy.

Premium Hardware

All of our servers are ran on up to date and premium hardware so there will be almost no lag or stuttering when in game.

Always Online

Our servers are always online. We also have private servers for the build team so you don't have to worry about a destroyed server.

Super Fast

Our servers give you a super fast and anti stutter experience. The only thing that could cause your game-play to suffer is your own hardware or connection.

Not Pay To Win

All of our servers are not pay to win unlike most servers currently available to the public so no need to feel bad about joining our server!