Game Types

Game Types Of The DivinityCraft Network


The DivinityCraft Network lobby is the place where you join to see all of the game types and meet new people and chat!

Classic Factions

Classic Factions is vanilla oldschool factions experience, similar to SMP but it has enchants, kits, and allot more features to make it fun and enjoyable!


KitPvP is a free for all game type where a player gets a kit then they jump down into the battleground to fight to their death!


Duels is a one vs one game type where a player can choose from different game types such as, Sumo, NoDebuff, BuildUHC, or GappleFFA and much more!


Roleplay is where you can build and roleplay whatever you and your friends want.


Skywars is a minigame where a player spawns in a sky island and then fights for victory!